Steps of the Process

Steps of the Process

The document is taken from the IBO`s Programme evaluation guide and self-study questionnaire. It clearly maps out the different steps of the process and the different responsibilities the school and different focus groups have within it.

I went through all of the different parts of the process with the staff, giving an overview of who would be involved in which part, and to what degree. At this stage, it is a good ideas to focus on the `planning of the self study`as if the initial stages can be planned well it will make the whole process run smoothly.

In the meeting, I explained to staff that they would have an important role throughout the process, both in its planning and execution. I explained the importance of the teachers’ role in the following processes in planning the self-study.

  • Creating different groups for different section of the self-study.
  • Editing the schedule to make sure that the timeline is achievable for all, taking into account the events on the school calendar.
  • Creating and editing the descriptors for the self-study.
  • Agreeing on the means by which the information will be gathered: the times and people involved in the meetings, the logging of information.
  • Suggesting the resources that will be needed to complete the process.

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