Strategies for Borderline Students

Strategies for Borderline Students

This staff activity gives ideas on how to intervene to help students who are on the borderline of getting a 3 or 4 in a subject(s) within the Diploma Programme.

The aims of the activity are:

  • To identify borderline students in the Diploma as a whole and then in our own subjects.
  • To find students who face similar issues with assessments.
  • To know what is meant by intervention and when it should take place
  • To know what form successful written and oral feedback should take and how it works as an intervention strategy.
  • To know how to utilise target setting to improve student performance.

The activity includes four tasks for teachers to undertake in groups.

This activity has been adapted into my school`s context and into the Diploma Programme from one based on the UK National Curriculum,  created by Jacqui1974 on the TES resources website.

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