Student Data Tracking

Student Data Tracking

I use the excel sheets below to track student data throughout the course.

The summary sheet shows each student`s total score from their 6 subjects, including a breakdown of SL and HL points from each report. As the course progresses, it shows the difference in each student`s performance from one eport cycle to the next. It also includes their predicted grades, potential bonus points and whether they are predicted to pass the Diploma or not. 

The student sheet records each student`s grades for each of their subjects throughout the course.

These sheets are used to track student progress and to advice on if and when intervention needs to take place. Students whose mid or final term total score is 26 or under are put on the mentor scheme, which is shown in depth in this website. 

These documents are also useful when giving staff presentations on each student`s progress, both in departmental meetings, focusing on their performance in the given subject, or as a whole staff, looking at their present scores in comparison to previous report data.

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