Student Guide

Student Guide (TOK example)

I ask staff to create student guides for their classes based on the official IB subject guides.

The student guides can be given in paper form and / or attached to Managebac (which ensures students can`t lose them).

Below is the student guide I created for my Theory of Knowledge students based on the 2015 subject guide. It gives an overview of the aims, objectives, curriculum and assessment. I have adapted this student guide from the International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge guide. It includes all the students need to know about the curriculum and assessments.

This guide has been used as an example of good practice for teachers and have asked all departments to create one for their subjects, where they must include:

  • aims
  • objectives
  • content
  • assessments
  • rubrics
  • grade descriptors
  • skills needed
  • links to further education and careers.

These guides are shown to potential students in year 10 and given to students at the beginning of the course in year 11. They are used to ensure the students have got a clear idea about what is included in the written curriculum for each course in the Diploma Programme, building on the syllabus that they are also given for their subject.

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