Programme Overview Document

Student Mentor Programme Overview Document

The aim of the scheme is to support students who are in danger of not obtaining the full International Baccalaureate Diploma. After students have been identified, teachers will create challenging but achievable targets, and along with each student`s mentor, will support them in achieving them. Volunteer mentors will meet and work with their mentees, discussing their progress against the targets and communicating their progress to all stakeholders. Teacher will have the opportunity to discuss each student`s progress in whole staff meetings, with the aim of sharing ideas and strategies that work for them.

The contents of this document are: 

  • Aim of the Mentor scheme. 
  • Informing parents and students of the Scheme. 
  • Procedure for identifying students. 
  • Mentor-Mentee meetings. 
  • Keeping track of student progress. 
  • Decision on whether each student stays on the Mentor scheme. 

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