Student Proposal Form

Student Proposal Form

This form is given to students as an initial proposal form.

Students must fill in this Extended Essay proposal form, and give it to the subject teacher. The teacher and DP Coordinator read your proposal and make a decision as to whether it can be used for the student`s Extended Essay. 

The students have to consider the following questions before handing in their proposal:

  • What is your research area? Why have you chosen this?
  • What is your research question?
  • What is the significance of the topic and why it is worthy of investigation?
  • What background information do you have on your topic?
  •  What will your research methods be? What processes will you go through?
  • What primary sources can you use for your research?
  • What secondary sources can you use for your research?
  •  What reading have you found on the topic already?

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