Supervising your Student

Supervising your Student

This document is a summary of the ‘Introducing students to the Extended Essay’ part of International Baccalaureate’s Extended Essay website.

I go through this document with supervisors at the Extended Essay Supervisor’s training session at the start of the process. The document is a summary of the whole process and includes example discussion points for the 3 reflection sessions that the supervisors have with their students.

I refer to this document in subsequent meetings with supervisors, highlighting the different parts of the process that they should have reached.


  1. The supervision process
  2. Distinguishing between a supervision session and a reflection session a) Check-in sessions b) Formal reflection sessions
  3. Supporting the mandatory reflection sessions a) Preparation for the first reflection session b) First formal reflection session c) Preparation for the interim reflection session d) The interim reflection session e) Accommodating a change of direction f) Commenting on a draft version of the extended essay g) Submission requirements h) Preparation for the final reflection session (viva voce) i) Final reflection session (viva voce)
  4. Authenticating student work
  5. Protocols for completing and submitting the Reflections on planning and progress form

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