Supporting Staff

 Supporting Staff

There are times when, for a variety of reasons, staff will need support with mapping out the curriculum.

The following two documents are examples of when I have worked with teachers to help them map out the requirements of the course for the remainder of the time left; including making sure all content and assessment components are completed on time (through lessons, extra classes if possible, homework and study periods) and that students are receiving support through resources. I worked with the subject teacher to create the deadlines for what needed to be done for each case. After creating these documents, I regularly checked in with the subject teacher to make sure that they / the students could meet the new deadlines.

The subject teacher and I shared the new deadlines with the students, so that we could work as a team to ensure that all were aware of what the students needed to do to get through the course in the time given.

The names of subjects, teachers and students have been deleted for privacy in the following examples.

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