Booklet: The role of a Form Tutor

The Role of a Form Tutor

Being a form tutor has always been the most rewarding part of teaching for me. I became a form tutor on my first day as a Newly Qualified Teacher in England and created this report, when my first form left secondary school after I had been their tutor from their first day until their last. I have previously used this report as a basis of staff training in England. While the role of the form tutor changes depending on the school context, the principles of pastoral care are the same and I have adapted parts to use for my form tutors in the Diploma Programme at each IB school I have worked in.

When I hold form tutor meetings I refer to different parts of the document. The advice on the form room and its role of giving a form its identity, for example, is shown at the start of the academic year when staff have their new forms. This 12,269 word report is a summary of my experiences and is full of practical advice. This report can be found in video form here.


  1. Motivating students.
  2. Form activities.
  3. The form room
  4. Mentoring students
  5. The relationship with parents.
  6. PSHE
  7. End of term / half term.
  8. Assemblies
  9. Festival of Sport
  10. Focus days
  11. Work Experience
  12. Year 11
  13. Relationship problems between students
  14. Your Stories
  15. Form jokes
  16. Time
  17. Students’ views
  18. Parents’ views.