TOK Passport

TOK Passport

I created this activity as a starter activity form my Theory of Knowledge (TOK) classes. It asks students to link `knowledge` from across the curriculum by requiring them to consider a knowledge claim they have been told in a Diploma Programme subject within the last week. Students must then, in twos or threes, analyse it through a range of knowledge questions that compliment the TOK knowledge framework. Students can be put into groups with other students who study the same class as them, or the groups can be mixed from students if different classes, allowing them to compare and contrast how knowledge is produced in different subject areas. After a discussion, students can then feedback their ideas to the whole class, who can then attempt to make counterclaims.

Students are asked to consider the following knowledge questions.

  • How do we know the knowledge is true?
  • How was the knowledge constructed?
  • How did I learn this knowledge?
  • What ways of knowing were used in creating the knowledge?
  • What role did each way of knowing play in producing the knowledge?
  • How, if at all, has the knowledge been proved?
  • What are the values and limitations of this knowledge?
  • Are the methods or procedures used to create the knowledge reliable?
  • How has this knowledge changed over history?
  • Is this shared or personal knowledge?
  • How is this knowledge significant to individuals?
  • What are the counterclaims to this knowledge?

I have used this passport in staff workshops, getting staff to discuss the knowledge questions regarding something they have taught as ‘knowledge’ in the last week. This activity helps to give staff and idea of the knowledge questions that are discussed in TOK. Staff are encouraged to use the TOK passport in their own lessons and can take some of the knowledge questions to create activities for their students.

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