Uploading Instructions for Staff

Uploading Instructions for Staff.

An important role for the Coordinator is to has support staff with the International Baccalaureate’s Assessment procedures. This 1,030 word document includes creating documents for staff setting out the forms needed, the deadlines and instruction on how the International Baccalaureate wants the assessments uploaded for each subject.

I have worked with each subject to give myself an overview of the information needed for each Internal Assessment form (which are becoming less and less) and have filled the form in step by step with teachers when they have required me to do so, especially teachers who are going through the process for the first time.

The document below is shared with my DP teachers 6 months before the final exams to give them plenty of time to meet the deadlines. It also allows staff to plan when they are going to moderate the students’ work, details of which can be found here. Staff are reminded throughout the year that the final version of the students’ work must be handed in with an academic honesty form.

  • Part One of the document gives detailed instructions on how to use the International Baccalaureate’s “My IB” website to find the relevant assessment instructions from the International Baccalaureate’s “Diploma Programme Assessment procedures” document. 
  • Part Two of the document shows the submission dates for predicted grades, internal assessment grades and uploading assessment components for each subject. I usually ask for the work seven to ten days before the final deadline in order to allow me to upload the work.

This document runs in conjunction with the folders I create for staff on our school drive to help teachers upload the work in the correct order.

I have worked closely with staff to support them in uploading their external assessments. I give department meeting times to go over the grading of the assessments, to check that the work has been uploaded into the correct folder and, where possible, to upload the grades and work with the teachers. When required, I have worked with the art department at weekends to help the teacher with uploading external assessment materials, as this is timely for Visual Arts. I have also overseen the final meeting with the visual arts students when they choose which pieces of art to send off. I was present at these meetings to show support to the teachers and students, to gain a better understanding of the requirements of the course and to ensure that academic honesty has been upheld.

I have instructed staff to scan and put all Internal Assessment records onto the school drive to show the next year`s staff how the forms should be filled in and to look at the quality of the work against the grade given, again for future reference.

I regularly go through the Internal Assessment forms with staff at subject meetings when discussing the International Baccalaureate’s Internal Assessment feedback, focusing on any issues from the previous year.

Each year I send Internal Assessment information to parents, including the types of work needed for each subject and the deadlines for them. This allows parents to know their child’s deadlines and they can support him / her in meeting them.

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