Using Students

 Using students

I have used students to pass on their curriculum knowledge and experiences to other students, teachers and parents in the following ways, which the students can use as CAS activities:

  • I have created videos of year 11 and year 12 students explaining why they took the DP, how they selected their classes, CAS activities, TOK and the Extended Essay. These videos have been used for parent workshops, staff meetings and pre-DP student sessions.
  • I have got students to speak at parent workshops throughout the year on areas such as the core of the programme, exams, and self-management.

  • Year 11 and 12 students have been used to speak in year 10 lessons on a range of areas from giving advice to year 10 students on the Diploma Programme as a whole to work-life balance.

  • Extended Essay lunches have been set up where year 12 students give advice to year 11 students at the start of the Extended Essay process. They go through the process of choosing subjects, forming questions and advice on the best ways to undertake the research. I have put the year 12 students in subject groups for these lunches, and the year 11 students can go to the subjects that they are interested in taking.

  • I have got year 11 and 12 students to get involved in the pre-DP staff and student session, which is explained here. I get the year 11 and 12 students to attach themselves to a subject and then to liaise with the subject teacher before the event. In the event the year 11 and 12 students work with the teacher in explaining the course to the year 10 students. They show them examples of the work, talk about the types of homework they get and the assessments they are facing within the subject.
  • Year 11 and 12 students can give assemblies on different parts of the curriculum to younger students. Examples of this is experiments they have completed and how different parts of the curriculum links with International Mindedness.
  • Alumni students have presented at the graduation ceremony to reflect on their experiences in the DP at our school and their time at university.