Weekly Programme

Weekly Programme

This document allows students to have a holistic view of their lifestyle with the aim of seeing what factors are getting in the way of their self management and if they can make any changes / to help their organisation.

I have used this document as a Google Doc with students both as a class and a one to one basis, to allow them to fill it in on a weekly basis giving them an understanding of their responsibilities each day of the week and to find patterns, which they may be able to change if necessary.

This weekly programme asks students to look at:

  • Homework (subject, time started and finished, when they received the homework, when the homework is due)
  • Total time spent on homework today
  • Amount of study periods and work done in them.
  • Non-homework responsibilities. Write the time you started / finished each one: (Clubs / Chores / Dinner/ Bath / Exercise / Religious time / Caring )
  • Time you got home from school / after school responsibility.
  • Total time spent on non-homework responsibilities including travel time.
  • Total time spent travelling today.
  • Free time: Write the start and finish times of your free time.
  • Time you went to bed
  • Reflect: What changes could you make in your routine on this day of the week to improve your organisation / amount of time you have for study and free time.

After this document has been introduced to students it can be used in a number of ways:

  • One on one with student who is struggling with their self management.
  • In a meeting with parents to show them how they can support their students.
  • Students can be asked to do it for a given number of weeks with the results being discussed with teachers in a collaborative planning meeting on student self management.
  • With a student and their mentor in weekly meetings.

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