Year 8 Schemes of Work: Citizenship

This page includes Year 8 schemes of work on:

  • Local Council Free Swimming.
  • Employment.
  • Moral Courage.
  • The Voluntary Sector.

These comprehensive schemes of work include lesson plans and handouts for every lesson. Each lesson consists of aims, objectives activities and resources. Each scheme of work also includes:

  • Aims and objectives of the unit.
  • Links to the 2013 National Curriculum for Citizenship.
  • Concepts, processes and range and content.
  • Citizenship Formative Statement.
  • Citizenship levels (which can be adapted for your school).
  • Formal Assessment.
  • Possible Classroom Activities.


Local Council Free Swimming.

The aim of this 4 lesson scheme of work is to teach students about the provisions provided by the local council. Students will learn about the benefits of swimming and start to consider whether the local council should make it free or not, using a newspaper as a source. Students will decide how the local council should spend its tax, looking at the variety of departments that want money.


The aim of this 5 lesson scheme of work is for students to understand the law regarding children and jobs, and the types of work they are and are not allowed to do. Students students to learn their rights and responsibilities regarding employment and how solve conflict in the workplace.

Moral Courage.

The aims of his 10 lesson scheme of work is, through studying real life situations, to help students recognise and emulate acts of moral courage, to focus student’s attention on the value of moral behaviour in everyday lives to themselves and society and to think critically about the choices they make in life.

The Voluntary Sector.

The aim of this 6 lesson scheme of work is for students to research the work of voluntary groups, looking at how and why voluntary groups work.Students investigate a charity/voluntary organisation, developing research skills. Students are encouraged to get information from charities/voluntary groups–developing their understanding of the work of a voluntary group, and how they can get involved.