Approaches to Learning Self-Assessment

Approaches to Learning Self-Assessment

This Approaches to Learning self-assessment document includes all five of approaches: communication, research, self management, social and thinking on one page. The indicators and assessment criteria  are taken from the IBO Approaches to Teaching and Learning website. 

The document can either be used holistically across the programme or for each individual subject. It gives students the chance to note when they have met the skills in each indicator, and to what extent,  over an agreed period of time, which can then be discussed with the DP Coordinator and / or subject teacher–depending on how the initiative is set up.

The document can be used by teachers in conjunction with the reporting the approaches to learning to help them assess the student`s performance against the approaches to learning.

 The original design of the form is credited to a colleague, Mrs Hanani Medina, who designed the form for her MYP Science class and, with her permission, I adapted it for the Diploma Programme. 

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