New Resources: Form Tutor Staff Workshops.

You can find two staff workshop ideas based on the role of the Form Tutor here.

Both of the activities are designed for staff collaboration. The first one ‘Initial ideas’ centres around ideas that staff have for the role, asking them to discuss their previous experiences and how they can be implemented in the school. The second “Responding to possible scenarios” activity gets staff to look at the role related to the school context and possible situations that could occur. It also has a focus on how the Form Tutor can raise awareness of IB Philosophy through form activities.

New Resource: Prefects.

You can find the new resources on prefects here

The Prefect Proposal is a comprehensive example to put to your school’s leadership team if you would like to introduce a prefect initiative at your school. The Prefect Application Form includes an overview of each prefect position, most of which are linked to the MYP and DP. You can adapt these to suit the needs of your school. A full explanation can be found on the Prefect page.

New Resource: Armistice Day TOK lesson.

I have added an Armistice Day TOK lesson today.

The lesson looks at the following 3 real-life situations: different perspectives on why the war started, the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ and the UK’s Unknown Soldier. After looking at each real-life situation the students answer Knowledge Questions based on them which are designed to initiate debate on how we can ‘know’ in history. The Knowledge Questions include reference to Ways of Knowing and TOK concepts.

The lesson is a free resource. You can find it by clicking here.