New Resource: Cross Programme Lesson Planner.

This Cross Programme Lesson planner follows the IB philosophy as explain the DP Lesson Booklet.

This planner requires teachers to comment on the following information:

  • An overview: including the aims and differentiated objectives of the lesson, links with past and future lessons and additional information on the students in the class.
  • A box for teachers to focus on one or more of the Approaches to Teaching that will be used in the lesson.
  • A box for teachers to focus on one of more of the Approaches to Learning that will be used in the lesson.
  • A box for teachers to explain the lesson’s link to the IB Core of International Mindedess, the IB Learner Profile, Service As Action (MYP only lesson), CAS (DP only lesson) and Theory of Knowledge (DP only).
  • A box for teachers to explain the links between their lesson and their Professional Development Goal(s) for the year.
  • A lesson outline of time, structure and activity.

I hope that you find it useful in supporting your staff to write lesson plans based on IB Philosophy.

New Resource: Writing Reports.

I have updated the previous ‘Writing Reports’ document with a much more comprehensive document which can be found here.

This document gives advice to staff on how to write reports to parents in an MYP and DP context. The document includes in depth advice on what should go into a report as well as examples that I have created for my school.

The document focuses on the following areas of writing reports:

  1. The aim of writing reports.
  2. Frequency of reports.
  3. Types of reports.
  4. Grading reports.
  5. Information included in the report comments.
  6. Advice for good report writing.
    • Know your students.
    • Keep the structure of your reports simple.
    • Focus on each student as an individual.
    • Be specific and provide detail (praise, difficulties faced by students, providing targets, approaches to learning.
    • Negative comments.
    • Accuracy.
    • Teacher language.
    • Comparing students.
    • Highlight the school’s / International Baccalaureate’s values.
  1. Checking Report Comments.
  2. Example report comments.
  3. Comment bank.
    • A general paragraph with gaps in to add individual comments.
    • Sets of sentences based on different topics in the report.
    • Three example reports based on good, satisfactory and poor performance.
  4. References.

I hope you find it useful for staff at your school,

Best wishes,


New Resources.

I have just uploaded news lessons for the IB Core class series.

The lessons are on Academic Integrity, Citing and Referencing and Service as Action (which includes a Service Portfolio).

The aim of these lessons is to introduce students to the Core of the International Baccalaureate. In my school, students have one IB Core class per week where we investigate the core of both the MYP and DP and build links between them and the curriculum

The lessons added today include:

Academic Integrity.

  • Principled.
  • Examples of academic integrity.
  • Examples of academic misconduct.
  • Giving advice.
  • Why people commit academic misconduct.

Citing and referencing.

  • Why we cite.
  • When to cite.
  • What to cite.
  • How to cite.
  • Referencing.
  • Student examples.
  • Real life examples. 

Service as Action.

  • Examples.
  • Links to the IB Learner Profile.
  • What is service? Video quiz. 
  • Types of service. 
  • Student Portfolio. 

New Resource: What is the International Baccalaureate? Lesson.

This is the second lesson in the IB Core class series, which you can find here.

This lesson includes the following six activities which give students and undertanding of the basics of the International Baccalaureate.

  • A gap fill activity on the International Baccalaureate Mission Statement.
  • A 10 question quiz on the history and modern day state of the International Baccalaureate.
  • A sorting activity where students have to put extracurricular activities into the MYP, DP or both. Students must then reflect on the service activities they have done and would like to do.
  • A response to a variety of comments where students have to decide if they are ‘good’ IB comments or not, giving reasons.
  • An IB Learner Profile activity where students have to unmuddle each Learner Profile attribute word and then give examples of when they have used each one.
  • An Approaches to Learning Activity where students have to put 10 subsections into the correct Approach and then give examples of when they have done each one.

The lesson is designed to last for two fifty-minute periods.

I hope you find it useful.

Best wishes,


New Resource: IB Core Introduction Class.

I have just started teaching IB Core from year 7 so will upload every lesson (1 per week).

You can find the introduction lesson here.

In this lesson students watch a video from the IB, respond to the IB Mission Statement, look at and analyse IB philosophy from the MYP Programme model, consider how they have used the Approaches to Learning Skills and set Approaches to Learning targets, which you can find here.