Cross Curricular TOK

Cross Curricular TOK

This 3,200 word document explains how teachers from across the Diploma Programme can support students with their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) skills. It is important to keep TOK at the forefront of the Diploma Programme and to reinforce the idea that as part of the core, it is central to the programme model and needs to be covered in a cross curricular manner, as well as through discreet lessons.

The document covers the skills the students need to meet the requirements of the TOK assessment rubrics and how these can be put into practice in non-TOK lessons.

The document also covers the areas of knowledge and ways of knowing. It gives examples of how the knowledge framework from the TOK guide can be used in lessons in all subject areas. It also goes through past TOK essay questions and includes the knowledge questions from the guide with the aim of allowing all teachers to make links between their subject and TOK, as well as creating activities to support the students.

I have used this document in whole-staff workshops, allowing teachers to work with their peers from other subjects. An example activity is for teachers from different subject areas to use the document to work together and create cross-curricular TOK activities.

Looking at the example knowledge questions from the TOK guide that are in the document is a good start for staff and leads nicely to a speed question activity which I use in TOK, where staff have to answer example knowledge questions from each area of Knowledge and kay of Knowing, meeting the requirements of the rubric n(also shown in the document).

Getting teachers to grade a TOK essay in pairs using the TOK essay rubric is also a useful activity. It can help them to see the aims and objectives of the subject and how the rubric looks in reality as well as helping staff see how they can support students in meeting the rubric through their own subjects.


  1. How can you help you students in TOK?
  2. TOK assessment rubrics.
  3. Past Essay Questions.
  4. Knowledge framework.
  5. Linking questions.
  6. Knowledge questions from the TOK guide.

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