Managebac support videos

managebac support videos

To support staff with the implementation of Managebac across the Diploma Programme, I created nine videos, each focusing on a different part of the website.

The videos focus on the following parts of the Managebac website.

  1. Introduction video (6 minutes).

  2. Finding your classes (2 minutes).

  3. Finding your students (2 minutes).

  4. Messages (3 minutes).

  5. Unit Plans (30 minutes).

  6. Whole DP Curriculum (19 minutes).

  7. Uploading files to your classes (4 minutes).

  8. Assignments (12 minutes).

  9. Calendar (9 minutes).

introduction video

This video gives an overview of the further eight videos in the series.



finding your classes

This video explains how to find your classes on Managebac.


finding your students

This video shows you how to find students on Managebac



This video shows you how to send messages to your students in your classes in Managebac


unit plans

This video explains in detail how to fill in unit plans on Managebac. The unit planning staff support document can be found here #


whole dp curriculum

This video explains how to use the whole DP curriculum to get an overview of the programme. It also shows how to use the analytics to encourage cross curricular peer observations, focusing on approaches to learning, connections to the core, language differentiation, learning experiences and learning processes.


uploading files to your classes

This video explains how to upload lesson resources to files in your classes on Managebac.



This video explains how to create assignments on Managebac, including linking them to the calendar and enabling Turnitin.



This video explains how to use the calendar on Managebac, including adding assignments and school events.