Student Representatives

 Student Representatives Proposal and Application Form

At the start of every school year I ask students in their first year of the Diploma Programme to apply to be IB Representatives.

I have included the Student Council Proposal below, which outlines:

  • The Mission.
  • The Vision.
  • Links to the International Baccalaureate Standards and Practices.
  • Strategy.
  • Execution.

Students are given the application form below and they must choose a maximum of 3 different posts that they would like to apply for. Students are asked to rank their choices from 1-3. The application form below explains the different responsibilities of each position.

After I have received all of the applications, I go through them with the Assistant Coordinator, and when needed, the larger staff. Between us, we choose the student(s) who we believe are best suited for each role. The amount of students per role is up to you, I usually have between two to four students, depending on the position.

The chosen representatives are able to include this as a CAS activity, as service to the school.

The representatives cover the following positions within the school (which can be modifies for your school’s needs):

  • IB Assemblies Representative.
  • International Mindedness Representative.
  • CAS Board Representative.
  • Service Board Representative.
  • Learner Profile Board Representative.
  • Technology Representative.
  • Model United Nations Representative.
  • Super Global High School Representative.
  • Round Square Representative.

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